Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow, Verbleikblom - Brunfelsia pauciflora 'Eximia'

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Brunfelsia paucifloraBrunfelsia pauciflora This popular, free flowering plant is native to woodland areas of Brazil and is grown for its abundance of fragrant flowers in spring, with a smaller flush in late summer. The flowers open deep mauve, then change to lavender and finally fade to white. Position it where the fragrance will drift into the house or patio. This decorative shrub has a bushy rounded shape and looks good in a mixed shrub border. Plant it with azaleas, camellias and hydrangeas in a woodland garden. It also makes a good informal screen or hedge and grows well in containers.

Brunfelsia grows best in warmly temperate to subtropical zones that receive good rainfall. It is not suited to very dry regions, and requires regular watering in summer in the winter rainfall regions. It grows well in humid regions at the coast, but needs protection from strong winds. This plant is tender to frost but will tolerate light frost if it is planted in a protected position in the garden.

It is semi-deciduous, dropping all its leaves in spring just before it flowers, and immediately pushing forth new ones; in colder regions it will drop leaves in winter. Plant it in semi-shade, in good rich soil with added acid compost; and water regularly during dry spells. Under optimal climatic conditions it will grow moderately fast to +-2.5 to 3m tall and +-1.5 to 2m wide, but generally is kept at about 2m.

Prune in early summer when it has finished flowering. Chlorosis is a yellowing of the leaves which is especially evident in alkaline soils; it can be corrected by feeding with iron chelate and a food for acid loving plants, as well as mulching seasonally with acid compost.

(Brunfelsia 'Floribunda') grows +-2m tall with an abundance of large purple flowers in spring.

(Brunfelsia 'Magnifica') grows +-1 to 2m tall and produces large mauve flowers, edged with white, in summer.

Warning: Yesterday-today-and-tomorrow is known to contain poisonous alkaloids and is poisonous if ingested. The berries are especially toxic.

Additional Info

  • Common Name: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow, Verbleikblom
  • Latin Name: Brunfelsia pauciflora 'Eximia'