Apple Dwarf 'Royal Gala' Picture courtesy Dwarf 'Royal Gala' Picture courtesy are popular for their great taste and nutritional value, and are grown worldwide because they are the most versatile of fruit trees, with a wide range of cultivars. Apples can be grown in large pots and new dwarf hybrids are compact growers, suitable for small gardens. Read more below to find interesting facts about apples and everything you need to know to grow them successfully at home.

Common Staghorn FernCommon Staghorn FernStaghorn ferns add an eerily beautiful, almost primeval look to both indoor and outdoor spaces. Small plants are often sold growing in pots, but mounting them onto beautiful pieces of driftwood, slabs of bark, wood or cork, is the best method of growing them. Read more below about the various species, and everything you need to know to grow magnificent specimens at home.

Epipremnum aureum 'Marble Queen'Epipremnum aureum 'Marble Queen'Epipremnum aureum remains a popular houseplant because it’s beautiful and incredibly easy to grow, and the reason it was given the name "Devil's Ivy" is because it’s considered impossible to kill! In subtropical and tropical gardens outside its natural range this plant has naturalised itself and has been classified as invasive in many countries. For this reason its best to keep it confined in pots indoors or on the patio. Read more below about Devils Ivy, and how to care for it indoors.

Image by hartonosubagio from PixabayImage by hartonosubagio from PixabayDespite their exotic appearance birds nest ferns are surprisingly easy to care for. And if you understand their needs, even beginner gardeners can grow them. Read more below about what it needs to thrive and grow, including light, soil, water, temperature, humidity, fertilising, mounting, propagation, repotting, and other interesting facts.

What to do in your garden in December

Tuesday, 05 December 2023 10:02

Image by Alexa from PixabayImage by Alexa from PixabayWhether you are going away or staying at home, December can be a very busy month in the garden. From pruning to lawn care, planting instant colour to tending to your roses, lawn and veggie patch, you can read all about what you need to do in your garden  below.

Agapanthus praecox 'White' Agapanthus praecox 'White' Two types of plants are recommended for a firescaped garden: ‘fire retardant’ and ‘fire resistant’. These, together with a planting method which is designed to slow down a fire, and most importantly to create a safe zone around your home, will go a long way in protecting your home and family. It’s really quite simple! Read more below.

Aloe arborescensAloe arborescensThe list below includes both exotic and indigenous plants that can be used in  all three zones of a firescaped garden: The fire resistant ‘Buffer Zone’ on the perimeter of the property; the ‘Garden or Medium-Resistance Zone’, and the 3m wide ‘Low Resistance Zone’ closest to the home. Read more below.

Karee, Rooikaree, iNhlangutshane  (Searsia lancea)Karee, Rooikaree, iNhlangutshane (Searsia lancea)There are some core reasons why you should plant fire retardant trees and shrubs around the perimeter or high resistance zone of your property to make your home safer if a wildfire sweeps through. Read more below.

Are palm trees fire resistant?

Thursday, 16 November 2023 09:04

Syagrus romanzoffiana Picture courtesy K M from flickrSyagrus romanzoffiana Picture courtesy K M from flickrOne of the questions most often asked is: “Are palm trees fire resistant?” In my research, this subject seems to be contentious, with fire officials stating that they are not, and some growers saying that what makes palms so flammable is the way the dead leaves cling to the trees, and if palms are well maintained and watered regularly, they are fire resistant. Read more below.

Firescaping your property

Thursday, 09 November 2023 14:43

Image by Matthias Fischer from PixabayImage by Matthias Fischer from PixabayDid you know that Africa is known as “the fire continent” as more of Africa burns each year than any other continent on Earth? Being “fire-wise” should therefore be a priority, and is vital to protect your home and suburb against wildfires. In this article you will learn how to easily implement precautionary steps which will drastically reduce the threat that wildfires pose to your family and your home. Read more below about firescaping your garden.

Hoya carnosa Picture courtesy Lorenzo Andrioli from flickrHoya carnosa Picture courtesy Lorenzo Andrioli from flickrHoya carnosa will never go out of fashion for long, for good reasons. Its waxy, evergreen foliage is attractive all year round, and it’s easy to grow, making it perfect for beginner gardeners. And when in full bloom, its clusters of flowers are so abundant, it’s sure to grab attention wherever it is grown. Read more about this tropical beauty below, and how to plant, propagate, and care for it as an outdoor, or indoor potted plant.

The Yellow Honeybell Bush is quite a beauty

Thursday, 14 September 2023 10:47

Freylinia lanceolata. Picture courtesy David Jones. Visit his flickr photostreamFreylinia lanceolata. Picture courtesy David Jones. Visit his flickr photostreamThis fast growing evergreen, with its gracefully arching stems and very fragrant flowers fares well in both our winter and summer rainfall regions, tolerating heat and low temperatures. Read more below on how to plant, grow, propagate, and use this enchanting plant in the garden.

Freylinia tropica 'White' Picture courtesy Random Harvest NurseryFreylinia tropica 'White' Picture courtesy Random Harvest NurseryThe charming Freylinia tropica or Blue Honey-bell bush heralds spring in South Africa in the most delightful way. Its abundance of dainty flowers in delicate shades of pale blue, mauve and white are sure to make you smile, and if you see them for sale you will find it hard to resist buying a couple for your garden. Read more below on how to plant, grow and use this little gem in your garden.

Bismarckia nobilis Picture courtesy Roger W from flickrBismarckia nobilis Picture courtesy Roger W from flickrThis palm is grown for its strong architectural form, colour and texture, and the eventual height of this species will create a dramatic statement anywhere it is planted. Read more below on how to grow, care for and propagate this palm, and how to use it in the landscape.

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