Pests & Diseases

A library which includes photographs and tips on how to diagnose and treat your plants. We are continually adding to this section, so keep posted!

Ant poison DIY recipe

Aphids various

Australian bug

Black spot disease

Brown rot damage on fruit

Gall wasps & citrus psylla

Downy mildew on Impatiens

Flower/Fruit chafer beetle

Fruitflies attack many fruit species

Hawk moth caterpillars appear in summer

Lawn caterpillars cause dead patches

Lily borer larvae hatch in summer

Mealy bugs affect many ornamentals

Mole crickets affect your lawn

Powdery mildew is a common disease

Spider mites appear during dry times

Scale insects vary in colour & size

Common rose pests & diseases

Tansy is an excellent insect repelling plant

Quassia chips - a natural insecticide

How to make white oil for an insecticide