Gardening in the Shade

Gardening in the Shade


This e-book will teach you how to create a shade garden from the ground up. It also documents 657 plants suitable for all regions of South Africa.


A properly planned shade garden possesses a charm of its own, with quiet harmonies of light, colour, form and texture that are so different in character from its sunny counterpart. But let’s face it, gardening in the shade can be daunting at first, and limited sunlight is often viewed with despair by those endeavouring to maintain a garden in shade, especially if they happen to be trying to grow plants that will not do well there. But rest assured, there are many attractive and interesting plants that will thrive in the shade - it is all a matter of determining how much shade your plants will receive, and choosing the right plants.

In this book I will teach you how to create a shade garden from the ground up and how to use shade and its counterpoint, light, as dynamic visual elements in the garden. Textures also play a vital role in the shade garden, and strong contrasts in texture accentuate their differences - this can be achieved by both plants and the clever use of varied hard landscaping materials. The form or shape of plants, and how they are combined, can also make or break shade gardens; and variations in leaf colour, no matter how slight, are important elements in the design.

In this book I cover everything you need to know; like understanding the type of shade your garden receives before selecting your plants; proper soil preparation; irrigation and feeding. Good garden planning and proper plant selection always pays off in the long run, and planning your shade garden is vital for its success.

“Gardening in the Shade” is 225 pages long and lists 657 plants; including bulbs, bedding plants, groundcovers, shrubs, trees and climbers, suitable for all regions of South Africa - all with wonderful photographs and informative text.

I hope you enjoy reading “Gardening in the Shade” as much as I enjoyed writing it.

A chapter by chapter preview

Introduction to shade gardening
Using shade and light
Using texture form & shapes
Using variations in leaf colour
Varying degrees of shade
The ideal soil for root growth
Maintaining and highlighting a shade garden
Damp shade, dry shade & efficient irrigation
Selecting plants for the site
Soil pH & soil fertility
Working with the drip line
Mulching, paving & evergreen lawns
Raised beds
Landscaping materials, potted plants. decking & hard landscaping
Feeding a shade garden
Planning & creating a scaled drawing of your garden
Selecting your plants
Plant Selection
Plant index

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