Image by virginie 1 from Pixbay Image by virginie 1 from PixbayBees adore borage to such an extent that it’s often called “bee bread” and humans grow it for its refreshing, slightly salty, cucumber flavour, and its unforgettable vivid-blue flowers. Borage is also an invaluable companion plant and “green manure” for organically grown vegetable and fruit crops. Read more on growing and using this miracle herb below.

Pink Cannas at Longwood Gardens Conservatory. Image by Glenn Marsch see his Flickr pagePink Cannas at Longwood Gardens Conservatory. Image by Glenn Marsch see his Flickr pageThere is nothing subtle about cannas with their voluptuous leaves, impressive height and exotic blooms, and these flashy extroverts just love being the centre of attention, adding a tropical ambiance wherever they are planted. They are fun and easy to grow so read more below about cultivating and using them in modern gardens.

Strobilanthes dyerianus. Picture courtesy Ali Eminov See their flickr pageStrobilanthes dyerianus. Picture courtesy Ali Eminov See their flickr pageThe colourful leaves of the perennial Persian shield provide vibrant contrast for shady gardens in subtropical regions, and in frosty regions they are planted as summer annuals or grown as indoor pot plants. Read more below on how to care for them.

How to grow and care for the Polka Dot Plant

Tuesday, 21 December 2021 14:52

Hypoestes' Mix' Picture courtesy Nu-leaf NurseryHypoestes' Mix' Picture courtesy Nu-leaf NurseryPolka dot plants have tons of personality and looks to kill! Their brightly spotted leaves stand out in the crowd, and they grow just as easily in bright light indoors as they do outdoors. Read more about cultivating them below. 

Trachycarpus fortunei Image by Peter H from PixabayTrachycarpus fortunei Image by Peter H from PixabayThe Chinese Windmill Palm is widely grown in warm-temperate and sub-tropical regions, but is also known as one of the most frost and cold tolerant palms. Find out how easy it is to grow below.

Mophead & Lacecap Hydrangeas growing near the sea. Image by Dave Noonan from PixabayMophead & Lacecap Hydrangeas growing near the sea. Image by Dave Noonan from PixabayFrom November through to late summer hydrangeas grace our gardens, and are favourite Christmas flowers. From compact new varieties to the statuesque older ones, there is a perfect hydrangea for every garden. Find  all you need to know about growing them below.

Cleome 'Sparkler' Mix. Picture courtesy Nu-Leaf NurseryCleome 'Sparkler' Mix. Picture courtesy Nu-Leaf NurseryCleomes can be cultivated in gardens throughout South Africa and look great planted amongst other water-wise, summer flowering annuals and perennials. Growing them in garden beds or pots is simple and rewarding, so read more below about growing these summer annuals.

To Plant or Not to Plant Erigeron?

Tuesday, 23 November 2021 13:37

Erigeron karvinskianus Image by pen ash from PixabayErigeron karvinskianus Image by pen ash from PixabayThe absolutely irresistible seaside daisy (Erigeron karvinskianus) is extremely popular, and for good reasons, but did you know that in many regions of the world it is classified as an invasive plant. Read all about it below and decide if you still want to plant it or not?

Lewisia 'Elise Mix' Picture courtesy Ball StraathofLewisia 'Elise Mix' Picture courtesy Ball StraathofLewisias are cold hardy, easy to grow, low maintenance and water-wise plants, which thrive in the heat and provide a spectacular show when in bloom. Read more about these little gems below, and how to grow them successfully in the garden and in pots.

mage by Charlotte Baines from Pixabaymage by Charlotte Baines from PixabayGrowing your own vegetables is really worthwhile and although a lot of work, also a lot of fun and a great learning experience. Below you will find some helpful strategies and tips to get the most out of your summer vegetable garden, and how to keep your plants healthy and producing.

Getting your garden in shape for December

Tuesday, 16 November 2021 09:11

Verbena 'Quartz Mix' Picture courtesy Ball StraathofVerbena 'Quartz Mix' Picture courtesy Ball StraathofWhether you’re staying at home or going away in December, it’s time to shape-up your garden for the festive season. Read more below on how to prepare your garden for guests without breaking the bank, and how to prepare your garden to survive and even thrive while you are away.

New fairy houses now in stock

Wednesday, 10 November 2021 13:10

Fairy House 'Mushrooms'Fairy House 'Mushrooms'For me personally, the lighter side of load-shedding and any other worries I may have, is to escape into the world of fantasy and imagination and create new fairy houses out of clay. And, before I know it the lights are on again, but I have only gotten started and sometimes I just carry on with my favourite hobby, besides gardening, that is.  I hope you like my new houses shown below.

Tillandsia velutina Picture courtesy Plant FanaticsTillandsia velutina Picture courtesy Plant FanaticsBromeliads are so diverse there’s sure to be some which will suit your growing conditions, either indoors, or outdoors, so why not add a touch of the tropics to your world and spoil yourself with a couple of bromeliads. In this lengthy article you will read all about their origins and distribution, as well as how to care for, feed, water, propagate, plant or mount all the various types documented below.

Pentas 'Lucky Star' Picture courtesy Nu-leaf NurseryPentas 'Lucky Star' Picture courtesy Nu-leaf NurseryLow-maintenance and water-wise Pentas enjoy the summer heat and continually produce their pretty, star shaped flowers right through the summer months, or almost all year round in the subtropical or frost-free regions of South Africa. Read more below on growing them in pots and garden beds.

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