Image by VictoriaLK from PixabayImage by VictoriaLK from PixabayCreeping Jenny is a very popular groundcover in South Africa because it grows easily from the coast to the cold hinterland. However, it is often thought of as a nuisance in the garden because of how well it spreads. It's one of those plants that straddle’s the line between obnoxious invasive and beautiful ornamental, you be the judge. Read all about it below.

Haunted Halloween Fairy House

Monday, 24 October 2022 10:45

This bespoke fairy house is totally unique and a perfect gift for adults, or just for you!

Price includes a string of battery operated fairy lights and free shipping in SA.

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Just in time for Halloween

Friday, 21 October 2022 09:04

This spooky bespoke piece is just in time for Halloween, and a perfect gift as it is totally unique – no other one quite like it will ever be made again. The selling price includes free shipping in SA. 

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Barleria repens. Image by Bishnu Sarangi from PixabayBarleria repens. Image by Bishnu Sarangi from PixabayAfter the exuberant peak of the mid-summer garden it is often left looking a little tired and uninteresting, but if you include plants that come into their own at this time and continue flowering into autumn you have a winning recipe, and you can’t go wrong with bush violets, they are wonderfully easy-going and put on a lovely show. Read more below on the popular garden species.

Geranium incanum. Image by Karsten Paulick from PixabayGeranium incanum. Image by Karsten Paulick from PixabayOur indigenous carpet geranium or crane’s bill, with its masses of delicate flowers almost all year round, is a spreading groundcover that is just as happy in a fynbos garden as it is in a bushveld one. Read all about growing it, and how to use it in the garden below.

Lemon verbena is the Queen of aromatic herbs

Wednesday, 05 October 2022 13:19

Lemon verbena shrub. Image by Lebensmittelfotos from PixabayLemon verbena shrub. Image by Lebensmittelfotos from PixabayOne whiff of the scent from a bruised leaf of lemon verbena and its likely you’ll not want to live without this luscious smelling herb ever again! Read all about growing and using it below.

Cherry Tomato Cherry Tomato I have yet to meet a gardener who wants to grow vegetables that does not have tomatoes at the top of their list, and this is quite understandable as tomatoes grow easily and taste so much better when sun-ripened on the vine, and if grown organically they’re healthier too. 

Vinca major Image by For commercial use, some photos need attention. from PixabayVinca major Image by For commercial use, some photos need attention. from PixabayDid you know that the large blue periwinkle, gewone-opklim (Vinca major) is a category 1B invasive plant in South Africa? However sterile cultivars or hybrids of Vinca minor are not listed. Read more below what this means for you and what the regulations are. 

Echinacea 'Cheyenne Spirit' Picture courtesy Nu-leaf NurseryEchinacea 'Cheyenne Spirit' Picture courtesy Nu-leaf NurseryConeflowers are widely popular with good reason. They are not just beautiful and bloom for months on end, but are also low maintenance and adaptable to a wide range of growing conditions, not forgetting their herbal applications. Read more below about their uses and how to plant, grow and maintain them for healthy plants that will flower for many seasons to come.

Rhubarb Picture courtesy Peggy BecksvoortRhubarb Picture courtesy Peggy BecksvoortModern gardeners see this ancient perennial in a whole new light and grow it for many reasons. It can remain productive for 10 years and suffers from almost no pests. The stems have great health benefits, and can be cooked in many wonderful ways. Even the poisonous leaves are utilised as an effective insecticide.  Read all about this fascinating plant below.

Zamioculcas zamiifolia Picture courtesy HadecoZamioculcas zamiifolia Picture courtesy HadecoThe trendy ZZ plant must be one of the easiest indoor pot plants to grow, and is sought after not only for its modern sculptural look, but also because it is as tough as nails, thriving just about anywhere with little attention. From basic care to troubleshooting tips, read everything you need to know about growing this hipster houseplant below.

Peltophorum africanum Kruger NP. Picture courtesy Bernard DUPONT from FlickrPeltophorum africanum Kruger NP. Picture courtesy Bernard DUPONT from FlickrThe African wattle is a fast growing and extremely valuable tree with many uses. It is invaluable in wildlife gardens, and its non-aggressive roots, rounded shape and beautiful flowers, makes it good in both smaller and large gardens. Read more to learn more about this fascinating tree and how to cultivate it below.

Dias cotonifoliaDias cotonifoliaThe common tree of the year for 2022 is the gorgeous pompom tree. It is hardy, fast growing and low maintenance, and because it has non-invasive roots, it is the perfect tree for small townhouse gardens and complexes. Read all about this little beauty below.

Lest We Forget

Sunday, 31 July 2022 11:26

Papaver rhoeas Picture courtesy MayFord SeedPapaver rhoeas Picture courtesy MayFord SeedIn anticipation of this year’s Remembrance Day, MayFord Seeds have launched a new livery seed packet, packed with Flanders Poppy (Papaver rhoeas) seed. Read more about the touching story of this beautiful poppy, and how sow it directly into sunny garden beds or pots.

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