Felicia always catches the eye

Monday, 06 February 2017 08:42
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Felicia amelloides. Picture courtesy www.newplant.co.zaFelicia amelloides. Picture courtesy www.newplant.co.za

A grouping of Felicia will always catch the eye in the garden

alt Blue is a sought after colour amongst gardeners because it is quite rare, especially a true blue shade. Kingfisher Daisies, with their masses of striking sky-blue and sunny yellow flower heads fit the bill, catching the eye wherever they are planted.

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Jerusalem Artichoke. Picture courtesy Richard Camps Jerusalem Artichoke. Picture courtesy Richard Camps Jerusalem Artichokes are used for human and animal consumption, making them an ideal crop for small rural farmers

Jerusalem Artichokes (Helianthus tuberosus), are also called Sunchokes or Lambchokes. These perennial plants belong to the daisy family and are a species of sunflower. They were cultivated as a food plant by the North American Indians; and today are widely cultivated across temperate regions of the world for their tubers, which are used as a gourmet root vegetable. The quality of artichoke tops makes them a suitable maintenance livestock fodder when used with other staples like alfalfa and maize. It is a most convenient fodder crop for pigs, as they can root up the tubers themselves.

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