Aglaonema 'Silver Queen'Aglaonema 'Silver Queen'Lush and tough, these tropical plants not only clean the air, but also look stunningly beautiful in your living space or garden. Learn how to care for them in this guide.

Are lily borers destroying your costly bulbs?

Wednesday, 16 September 2020 12:06

Are there holes and tunnels in the leaves of your precious and very expensive bulbs but you can’t see anything? If so, you will need to go out at night to find the culprit! Read how to control these critters below.

Recycled baby food jars with succulents. Image by Erica from PixabayRecycled baby food jars with succulents. Image by Erica from PixabayDuring these trying times people are spending a lot more time at home and looking to save a buck wherever they can. Make the most of this time by researching sustainable living to meet your needs, save money, and help preserve the environment at the same time. Read more below on this fascinating subject.

If you can provide their basic needs, they’ll give you decades of low-maintenance enjoyment. Find out how to grow them successfully indoors or in garden beds and pots below.

Sage Tricolor Image by deluna from PixabaySage Tricolor Image by deluna from PixabaySage is quite the international herb, and in the kitchen it goes well in many dishes. It is also extremely healthy and a great antioxidant; and in the garden its lovely grey leaves complement many other plants.  Read more below on how to grow and use sage in the garden and home.

Albuca 'White' Picture courtesy HadecoAlbuca 'White' Picture courtesy HadecoIf you are looking for a beautiful low maintenance coastal plant which is also very frost hardy, water-wise, grows in full sun or shade, and which is very hard to kill try the Nelson’s slimy lily. Find out all about growing it and how to use it effectively in the garden. Read more below.

Rose 'Arianna' remains a firm favourite

Tuesday, 01 September 2020 13:06

Rose' Arianna' Picture courtesy Ludwigs RosesRose' Arianna' Picture courtesy Ludwigs RosesRead more about this truly lovely rose below

Penstemon 'Electric Blue' Picture courtesy Ball StraathofPenstemon 'Electric Blue' Picture courtesy Ball StraathofNot many perennials are hardy, water-wise, long flowering, and can also grow in full sun or semi-shade. Penstemons can and are available in many gorgeous flower colours, and in all sizes. Read more about growing and caring for them.

Picture courtesy Food & Trees for AfricaPicture courtesy Food & Trees for AfricaTraditionally South Africans are encouraged to plant indigenous trees to celebrate Arbour week, and although the importance of preserving our indigenous trees should never be under estimated, perhaps in 2020, with all the turmoil and change it has brought, we should rather focus on food sustainability for our communities by planting fruit trees and vegetable gardens.

Common National Tree of the Year 2020

Thursday, 27 August 2020 12:15

Ekebergia capensis. Picture courtesy Bernard DUPONT - see his flickr pageEkebergia capensis. Picture courtesy Bernard DUPONT - see his flickr pageCape Ash, Dogplum, Essenhout, Mutovuma, Umnyamathi, Mmidibidi, Nyamaru (Ekebergia capensis)

SA Tree No: 298

How to grow Ericas in the home garden

Monday, 24 August 2020 11:51

Erica formosa 'White Bells' Picture courtesy MadibriErica formosa 'White Bells' Picture courtesy MadibriEricas grow well in most parts of South Africa and this article describes many of our most popular species for the garden. Learn how to grow them successfully in garden beds and in pots.

Picture courtesy Alabama Extension see their flickr pagePicture courtesy Alabama Extension see their flickr pageThere are many different types of tree stakes and ties, and various staking methods, depending on the size of the plant. Read more about them below.

Lawn care for spring and early summer

Thursday, 30 July 2020 11:28

Image by StockSnap from PixabayImage by StockSnap from PixabayA beautiful lawn needs regular care throughout the year but especially in spring and summer. It is also a great time to sow lawn seed. So if you want a gorgeous lawn this summer read the guidelines below and start preparing now.

How to grow Pincushion Proteas

Wednesday, 22 July 2020 12:26

Leucospermum 'Tango' Picture courtesy MadibriLeucospermum 'Tango' Picture courtesy MadibriIf cared for correctly pincushions thrive in many of our provinces, adapting easily to the summer rainfall regions, and tolerating moderate frost. Our modern hybrids are irresistible, a lot more compact, and many thrive in pots.

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