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Gardening in South Africa

Garden World Water Wise Award Winners

Young Designers: Garden 6

"Birds of a Feather Flock Together" by Tomelo Choma & Faith Mashaba of The Gap

Inspiration: The contemporary landscape design of this garden allows it to explore a natural dimension by drawing inspiration from the South African Masked Weaver bird (Ploceus velatus).

This is evident in the repetition of displaying vibrant shades of yellow and red colours in the garden features.

The painted wall best displays the fusion of colours i.e. when these birds flock together. Like the Masked Weaver, that has different coloured eggs in their nests, the colourful garden is an inspiring colourful and emotive space.

The spaces within the garden create a sense of different rooms.

Garden World - Over All Winner


Name: A Measure of Formality

Designed by: Stephen Mundell

garden 7garden 7

Landscaped & Constructed by: Stephen Mundell of Garden World Inspiration:

A Garden needs a sense of peace and a measure of order to be a pleasure to work in and enjoy. This is what this garden strives to deliver.

From the calm box hedging and form plants that live side by side with the joyful abundance of informal planting, the garden creates a mood of comfort and beauty and provides a refuge from the stresses of city life.

The gentle sound of water and the various shades of green induce feelings of happiness and completeness and the soul can rest in the much needed quietness of life……..As the good book says, Let gentleness be your cloak….

Garden World Peoples Choice Award 2017 & Garden 14


People’s Choice Award winner 2017
Name: a Living room, through the seasons…
Designed by: Lizette Nieman
Landscaped & Constructed by: Strylitzia Landscaping

Inspiration:This small courtyard garden fulfils the aspirations of an outdoor living-room. Not only can you take pleasure in the outdoor living that a patio offers, but also grow, harvest and relish your food.

Garden 9Garden 9

Delight in the change of seasons evident in the plant choices, which use colour as the main inspiration.

A centrepiece with a pebble designed detail, will serve as a decorative base for the seating area.

Mosaic, containers, obelisks and ornaments are used to add to the colour theme, in addition to the annuals, perennials, roses, herbs and veggies used.

Garden World School Gardens

Garden World Water Wise Award Winner - Smallways Nursery School


When in full bloom, Azaleas are irresistable, so visit your garden centre this spring to select your very own favourite, favourites!


Rhododendron 'Flambeau'Rhododendron 'Flambeau'Azaleas and Rhododendrons must be one of the best-loved sights of spring, when their brilliant blooms are produced in such abundance, they almost totally smother the leaves. And, although these popular ornamentals bloom for only a relatively short season, by selecting various species, and newer cultivars with different blooming times, the blooming season can be extended greatly.  Azaleas and Rhododendrons are also grown for their wonderful form, and the evergreen varieties are perfect additions to any garden, providing structure, and an attractive backdrop for other garden plants, throughout the year. If you can provide their basic needs, and plant them carefully, they’ll give you decades of low-maintenance enjoyment.


Gardening in the Shade

shade book

Growing Vegetables in South Africa

Growing Bedding Plants in South Africa

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