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The Innovation of Wensleydale Organic Boxes

The organic movement is growing rapidly throughout the world and there seems little doubt that in future most of our fruit and vegetables will be grown organically. Organic farming basically is farming without using any artificial chemicals whether to boost growth and production by the artificial method of garden fertilizers or whether to control insects, fungi, bacteria and other organisms that attack the plant or animal. Every flea has a flea on it's back - goes the saying. The organic method is an attempt to grow in the best possible soil and work with friendly nature to control those natural pests that want to eat our food before we can. Organic farming is naturally more nutritious and more delicious than artificial farming, which has swept the world over the past fifty years.

Wensleydale Farms gives you our unequivocal guarantee that all produce sold under our label is completely organically grown, free from herbicides, pesticides, fungicides, nematicides, insecticides and humanicides. We do not use any artificial chemicals like fertilizers either. We comply fully with EU (European Union) regulations governing organic produce. We use our own borehole water, and avoid municipal water sources. We do not irrigate from any river or stream. By buying a Wensleydale Organic Box you are protecting your family from contaminated food.

So many people want to buy organic vegetables directly from us, that we have followed the  fashion in Europe and Northern America of supplying organic fruit and vegetables direct from the farm to your kitchen, on a weekly basis so the food goes direct from the field to the family.



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