Beaded Secret Garden "Late Summer’s Melody"

This garden was inspired by the bounty of a late summer garden still in full bloom, yet with a hint of autumn in the leaves. It was created with loving care and there will never be another like it, because just as each human is unique, so is every secret garden.

Contained within a beautifully woven gold frame, the vibrantly coloured crystal glass beads come alive wherever there is good light, be it natural or artificial.

A selection of semi-precious stones grounds the project and if you look carefully you will see a tiny bird’s nest amongst the autumn leaves with three tiny eggs waiting to hatch into life.

A blue butterfly flits over the flowers and a double-terminated clear quartz crystal – the master of all healing crystals – nestles amongst the flowers.

This original is beautifully packaged and will make a most unusual bespoke gift for someone really special, like you :)

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