About us

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Gardening in South Africa is 11 years old and has grown considerably over the years - borne out of a passion for our plant heritage and a desire to share this knowledge with other gardeners. Each plant is thoroughly researched and honestly documented; and because we don’t sell plants our information is not biased - if a plant is known to have invasive roots that may damage buildings or paving we will include that in our text; or if we know a plant to be poisonous or invading our wild spaces, this is also included. Our plant index includes both a common and Latin name index with over 800 plants. New plants are added monthly; and our handy articles section is also growing steadily.

Our goal is to arm you with all the information you need to make the correct plant selection for your garden style, soil and climatic region. This will save you lots of money and the frustration of continually having to replace dead plants; or having to remove plants growing in the wrong position in the garden.

Gardeners are very special people with loads of energy and enthusiasm; and good gardeners share their knowledge with others; never stop learning; and never say "I know it all".  Our mission is to make gardening easy, fun and affordable for everyone; and no matter whether you’re an experienced or novice gardener, or where you live, this website will always have something that you can use.

Wishing you lots of happy gardening days,