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Gardening in South Africa

There’s so much more to cabbage than coleslaw!

Pak Choy. Picture courtesy Alison AriansPak Choy. Picture courtesy Alison AriansNext time you’re out grocery shopping – grab some cabbage! It’s easy for cabbage to get lost amongst its “sexier” counterparts like curly kale, vibrant beets, Swiss chard and pretty little cauliflower or broccoli florets, but this is a shame because cabbage is packed with goodness, and half the price of other spotlight-grabbing superfoods!

Cabbage – the unsung hero in the kitchen – may also be the most versatile one in your arsenal - you can stuff it, sauté it, stir-fry it and so much more. With the abundance of recipes available online, like traditional slaws, delicious Indian-inspired curries, healthy fermented foods like sauerkraut and kimchi, cabbage deserves to play a leading role in the kitchen.

Autumn Delights

Iceland Poppy Iceland Poppy If it’s the “wow” from flowers you are looking for, then Iceland Poppies (Papaver naudicaule) are just the thing for you. Planted in autumn temperatures, they will help transform your garden into a winter wonderland. While some gardeners are loath to buy seedlings when they can’t see any blooms on the little plants, this shouldn’t be a concern. Poppies offer their best when planted early in the season, soon providing blooms that will keep on appearing right through to late spring.

Sweetly scented sweet peas are a must for the autumn garden, not only for their gorgeous smelling and looking blooms in the garden, but also to bring a little of the garden into your home when it’s a bit chilly to spend time outside because sweet peas make excellent cut flowers.

Cyclamens are simply irresistible and bloom for months on end.

Cyclamen 'Friller' Scarlet. Picture courtesy www.ballstraathof.co.zaCyclamen 'Friller' Scarlet. Picture courtesy www.ballstraathof.co.zaCyclamens never fail to delight gardeners with their swept-back flower petals resembling shooting stars, and their heart-shaped leaves embroidered with intricate, silvery patterns. Florists’ Cyclamens (Cyclamen persicum) start showing up in grocery stores and garden centres throughout South Africa in autumn, and for many people their first encounter with these fascinating plants is when they are given one as a gift. If cared for correctly the plants will bloom continuously all winter and spring, but sadly most will wither and die, much to the horror of their owners! The good news is, if you provide cyclamens with the conditions they love, they will multiply and miraculously appear again every autumn when the weather cools down, freely providing their abundance of beautiful blooms year after year. 

Enchanting Gardens

Garden Design and Landscaping trends over the last 25 years have changed quite dramatically and this is primarily due to the following reason:

Climate change: Fact or fallacy? Meteorologists and environmentalists argue that global warming has definitely affected weather patterns which have become more erratic and unpredictable and this has affected the way we garden and the landscaping industry as a whole.

Evergreen turf lawns are trendy and eco-friendly for small gardens.

Picture courtesy https://pixabay.comPicture courtesy https://pixabay.comThe trend towards smaller gardens and homes in South Africa and around the world has led to the development of many beautiful miniature garden plants; from azaleas, roses and bougainvillea, to miniature vegetables and fruits! While most gardeners are delighted by the selection available to them, they often don’t give much thought to their lawns. However, a small piece of evergreen lawn in a small garden just adds the finishing touch to a well-furnished garden –like the perfect carpet completes a perfect room!


Gardening in the Shade

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