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Gardening in South Africa

Winter Warmth and Smiles

CalendulaCalendulaNo garden should be without calendulas at this time of year; it’s the only way to guarantee a little burst of sunshine when the weather fails you!  Whether it’s a sweep of golden blooms or a vivacious display in a pot, calendulas are a golden ray on a cold winter day. What’s more, even the most inexperienced of gardeners can grow them easily.

Falling for Fennel

Picture courtesy Nick WarnerPicture courtesy Nick WarnerDiscover what the people of the Mediterranean region have known about fennel for centuries, their many creative uses for this summer vegetable will have you falling for fennel! Many people are familiar with fennel only in the form of the seeds which are found in various spice blends, where they're hidden away amongst the other flavours. As a result, the first time they're exposed to fresh fennel, the mildly liquorice-like flavour can be a surprise. Like Marmite, or black jelly beans, fennel is something that you either love or hate, but if you fall in the love side, fennel will inspire you to try recipes from around the world, some that you would probably never even have imagined. Whether it’s starring in a salad, braised to melting perfection, or crumbed and fried until golden, this super-star is just simply delicious!

Plan your Dream Garden

June is an interesting gardening month and the shortest day and longest night is on June 21, after which the days gradually start getting longer, but very slowly at first so that you hardly realise it! In the warmer regions, after about three weeks, you will notice that many plants have begun to grow again - spring in Durban starts in late July! In the warmer subtropical regions of the country the temperatures are perfect for gardening now, so while the rest of us freeze, why not get stuck into your garden and implement all those changes you planned on doing last summer, but just never got around too.

Colourful Winters

ViolasViolasOne of nature’s gifts to us during winter is the sweet, fragrant face of pansies and violas. These gorgeous little plants really take the bite out of winter. Bring some joy to your winter garden with these special flowers which are extremely easy to grow! Pansies have bigger faces and leaves than their cousin the viola which is also known as Heart's Ease.

Vygies, otherwise known by their hard to spell name, mesembryanthemums, are quite possibly South Africa’s most colourful group of plants! What more could you ask for in a winter garden. Did you know that their most commonly used name which is Afrikaans in origin, ‘vygie’, means ‘small fig’? This is because its fruiting capsule resembles a small fig.


Abelias are among those old fashioned shrubs that the modern gardener simply can’t do without!

Abelia 'Cardinal'Abelia 'Cardinal'Not only are they renowned for their beauty and good looks all year round, but also for their reliable performance in gardens around South Africa. These carefree shrubs are perfect for eco-conscious gardeners, as they suffer from no pests or diseases worth mentioning, or spraying for.  They will grow in sun or semi-shade, and being low maintenance, perfect for our rushed modern lifestyles too.  



Gardening in the Shade

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