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Gardening in South Africa

Garden World - Silver Gilt Award Winners:


Educational Garden
Name: The Way Forward
Designed by: Horticulturist, Dineo Dibakwane
Landscaped & constructed by: Staff from Walter Sisulu Botanical Garden (SANBI)

Inspiration: “This dust, this ancient dust of Africa has settled on my heart” - Pat Luckings.

This indigenous garden that is inspired by African biodiversity showcases water-wise Aloes, shrubs and groundcovers. Aloes are the main focus with their stunning flowers that combine with their unique forms, foliage colour and texture.

Looking at water scarcity in South Africa, gardening with succulents is the way forward. These indigenous succulents are well adapted to survive the dry and often harsh African weather.

Every now and then we need to sit back, relax and detach from the loud city noises and get in touch with nature and this is the way to go.

Garden World - Gold Award Winners


Name: Munda Wangu (My Garden)
Designed by: Priscilla Banda
Landscaped & constructed by: Green Dimensions (PTY) Ltd

Inspiration: Munda Wangu which means ‘My Garden’ gives it a deep sense of identity and therefore my own personal “Sense of Place”. This garden is designed to suit both urban and country settings through carefully combined features, finishes and plant selections.

This outdoor living space has both strong geometric and organic lines which define the deck and seating area spaces that make up the heart of the garden.

Garden 1Garden 1

A water feature welcomes visitors at the side entrance and is close enough for its soothing sounds to be enjoyed at the seating area.

Garden World - High Gold Award Winners


Name: Celebrations Retirement Show Garden
Designed by: FSG Property Group Landscape Division for Central Development

Garden 10Garden 10

Landscaped & Constructed by: FSG Property Group Landscape Division

Inspiration: The design for the Celebrations Retirement Show Garden is based on the look and feel of the Retirement Estate. The design itself draws inspiration from the everyday garden, a comfortable, homely and manageable space.

Using the plants specified for the estate, visitors to the show garden can draw inspiration on how to successfully utilise a smaller space, while keeping within guidelines and a specific style of architecture.

With ever shrinking living spaces, the Celebrations Show Garden aims to showcase what can be achieved.

Garden World - Platinum Award Winners


Name: Rebirth of happiness

Designed by: Sonita Young of Young Landscape Design

Garden 2Garden 2

Landscaped & Constructed by: Marthie & Theunis Bosch

Inspiration: We have indulged all our fantasies and freed our imagination in this garden, creating a space that fulfils our needs and has a unique sense of place.
Stroll through the fragrant filled labyrinth that leads to a seating area and share cherished moments. Continue the adventure and be delighted by the natural setting of the bog garden, pond and naturalistic plantings which all attract wildlife.  

The floating deck provides another space to relax and experience closer interaction with the garden and its wildlife. This allows you to sense the magic of nature and the importance of having green spaces in your life.

Garden World Water Wise Award Winners

Young Designers: Garden 6

"Birds of a Feather Flock Together" by Tomelo Choma & Faith Mashaba of The Gap

Inspiration: The contemporary landscape design of this garden allows it to explore a natural dimension by drawing inspiration from the South African Masked Weaver bird (Ploceus velatus).

This is evident in the repetition of displaying vibrant shades of yellow and red colours in the garden features.

The painted wall best displays the fusion of colours i.e. when these birds flock together. Like the Masked Weaver, that has different coloured eggs in their nests, the colourful garden is an inspiring colourful and emotive space.

The spaces within the garden create a sense of different rooms.


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