Sandanqua Viburnum - Viburnum suspensum

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FlowersFlowersThis handsome, evergreen, shrub is native to Okinawa and other members of the Ryukyu Islands, a chain of Japanese islands northeast of Taiwan. It is an easy, fast growing and trouble-free shrub with an attractive, spreading yet compact growth habit making it a very popular landscaping shrub. It has leathery, dark green leaves and produces a profusion of small waxy, tubular flowers that are white with pinkish tints; in late winter to spring.  The flowers are followed by red berries that will darken to black with age; in late summer and autumn.
The flowers will attract butterflies and bees and the berries will attract birds to your garden. The Sandanqua Viburnum is a valuable shrub to plant in a mixed shrub border because it looks good all year round. It makes an excellent hedge or informal screening plant and grows beautifully in a large pot. Its distinctive dark green leaves are a perfect backdrop for other flowering shrubs, annuals or roses.

BerriesBerriesThis Viburnum grows well in warm, moist, humid, frost free regions and takes salty winds. If it is planted in a protected place in the garden it will tolerate moderate frost. Although it will grow in sandy soils, planting it in well-composted and well drained soil will produce the best results. It can be planted in sun or semi-shade and if watered regularly, will grow quickly, varying in height according to climate and soil conditions, from 1.8 to 3.5m tall and can spread as wide. Prune as required to control fast-growing shoots and to maintain your desired shape and size. This plant will tolerate drought but does best if watered moderately during dry spells.

Propagation is easy from semi-hardwood to hardwood cuttings.

Additional Info

  • Common Name: Sandanqua Viburnum
  • Latin Name: Viburnum suspensum