Orange Jasmine - Murraya exotica

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Murraya exoticaMurraya exoticaThis handsome evergreen is a close relative of the citrus family, with about 43 species, ranging from tropical Asia to Australia.Murraya exotica is a tropical plant, that can develop into a large multi-stemmed shrub or small tree; and under optimal conditions it can reach 7m tall. It is grown for its gorgeous glossy leaves that emit a citrusy aroma when crushed; and its clusters of sweetly scented white flowers, that smell like orange blossoms, hence the common name. Flowering occurs mainly in spring, but plants can flower sporadically throughout the year. The fragrance is especially strong at night, and on humid evenings; so plant it where its perfume can be enjoyed. The flowers are followed by orange to vermilion berries in autumn, standing out beautifully from the dark green foliage.

This plant produces taproots with lateral roots and abundant fine roots, so it won't damage your paving. Because it thrives in semi-shade it is ideal to plant in front of an east facing wall, where it will catch the full morning sun, but where it will escape the harsh midday and afternoon sun. Its vigorous nature makes it suitable for large formal, semi-formal or informal hedges and for topiary. The orange jasmine even grows beautifully in a large pot and makes a great bonsai plant. It is also available as a standard plant, making it ideal for small gardens.

Orange jasmine grows best in tropical, sub-tropical and temperate, frost-free areas, and is not suited to very hot, dry regions. It grows well in coastal gardens if it is protected from strong winds, and is semi-hardy to frost if it is planted in a protected position in the garden. Orange Jasmine tolerates most soil types and favours limestone areas. For good results in the garden, plant it in well-drained soil with lots of added compost and a dressing of bonemeal. Water regularly, especially during hot, dry spells, mulch the roots to conserve moisture, and feed in early spring with a balanced organic fertiliser. Orange jasmine will grow moderately fast to about 2 to 3m tall and 1.5 to 2m wide in the garden and can be pruned to keep it smaller. In hotter regions plant it in semi-shade or in morning sun ,and in cooler regions it will even grow in full sun.

This shrub is usually propagated from seed or from autumn cuttings.

Additional Info

  • Common Name: Orange Jasmine
  • Latin Name: Murraya exotica