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Name: Rebirth of happiness

Designed by: Sonita Young of Young Landscape Design

Garden 2Garden 2

Landscaped & Constructed by: Marthie & Theunis Bosch

Inspiration: We have indulged all our fantasies and freed our imagination in this garden, creating a space that fulfils our needs and has a unique sense of place.
Stroll through the fragrant filled labyrinth that leads to a seating area and share cherished moments. Continue the adventure and be delighted by the natural setting of the bog garden, pond and naturalistic plantings which all attract wildlife.  

The floating deck provides another space to relax and experience closer interaction with the garden and its wildlife. This allows you to sense the magic of nature and the importance of having green spaces in your life.



Name: Welcoming Joy
Designed by: Tasha Tollman

Landscaped & Constructed by: Tasha Tollman of DIY Garden Designer & John Sauer of Ngena Succulents

Media partner: SA Garden & Home

Inspiration: “When you do things from your soul, you feel a river moving in you, a joy.” – Rumi

Garden 5Garden 5Garden 5

The patio in this design takes centre stage with its sleek, contemporary lines, while the wall water feature forms a soothing backdrop. These set the scene for relaxed entertainment, welcoming the joy that comes from spending fun times with family and friends into the garden.

A flowing river of succulents leads the eye through the design highlighting the diversity and beauty of the different succulent forms, textures and colours on its banks.

A final element of joy is welcomed into this garden with its low maintenance and low water needs, saving time, money and preserving our precious water resource.


Name: A Measure of Formality

Designed by: Stephen Mundell

Garden 7Garden 7Garden 7

Landscaped & Constructed by: Stephen Mundell of Garden World

Inspiration: A Garden needs a sense of peace and a measure of order to be a pleasure to work in and enjoy. This is what this garden strives to deliver.

From the calm box hedging and form plants that live side by side with the joyful abundance of informal planting, the garden creates a mood of comfort and beauty and provides a refuge from the stresses of city life.

The gentle sound of water and the various shades of green induce feelings of happiness and completeness and the soul can rest in the much needed quietness of life……..As the good book says, Let gentleness be your cloak….




Name: Nature’s Perfection
Designed by: Grant Gove of GLC Design Studio

Landscaped & Constructed by: Frans Ferreira & Magriet & JJ van Rensburg of Garden World & the Garden World team

Media partner: Tuis/Home

Garden 8Garden 8Garden 8

Inspiration: “Designed as a place to dream…” The natural stone path captures your eye, leading it to the unique rock moon gate. Enter into the space of wildness, a natural forest embraces the viewer and bathes them in serenity and peace.

Ferns sprout between the nooks, cracks and crannies and an array of greens softens the stones while flowers in soft shades enhance the dreamlike feeling of connecting and being held by nature. In the distance; the soothing sound of a cascading waterfall plunging into a rock pond creates a subtle old-world sense of place.

Gardens should have the feeling of Wild Places, that feeling of serenity, being “One with Nature”.


Name: Food for Thought

Designed by: Lizette Nieman

Landscaped & Constructed by: Strylitzia Landscaping

Inspiration: Creating purpose driven spaces always ensure a strong commitment to your garden space. Combining function and aesthetics will help you to achieve this.

Garden 16Garden 16Garden 16

The central pergola welcomes you into a delightful space laced with roses and other mixed plantings cascading over bordering planter boxes. Formal, classical lines and level changes are re-forced by the Buxus hedges, retainer walls and cobble edging.

The use of a half archway along the back wall draws attention away from the wall and the wall’s dark colour enhances the greenery and other colours in the garden.

The underlying inspiration for this garden is to create a functional edible garden that is a space to relax and entertain in.

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Garden World on 011 957 2545 or 011 956 3003.

For more information on the festival visit www.gardenworld.co.za


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