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Name: A Measure of Formality

Designed by: Stephen Mundell

garden 7garden 7

Landscaped & Constructed by: Stephen Mundell of Garden World Inspiration:

A Garden needs a sense of peace and a measure of order to be a pleasure to work in and enjoy. This is what this garden strives to deliver.

From the calm box hedging and form plants that live side by side with the joyful abundance of informal planting, the garden creates a mood of comfort and beauty and provides a refuge from the stresses of city life.

The gentle sound of water and the various shades of green induce feelings of happiness and completeness and the soul can rest in the much needed quietness of life……..As the good book says, Let gentleness be your cloak….

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Garden World is on Beyers Naudé Drive in Muldersdrift.
For information on the Spring Festival and booking for the talks, workshops and music contact
Garden World on 011 957 2545 or 011 956 3003.

For more information on the festival visit