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Name: Munda Wangu (My Garden)
Designed by: Priscilla Banda
Landscaped & constructed by: Green Dimensions (PTY) Ltd

Inspiration: Munda Wangu which means ‘My Garden’ gives it a deep sense of identity and therefore my own personal “Sense of Place”. This garden is designed to suit both urban and country settings through carefully combined features, finishes and plant selections.

This outdoor living space has both strong geometric and organic lines which define the deck and seating area spaces that make up the heart of the garden.

Garden 1Garden 1

A water feature welcomes visitors at the side entrance and is close enough for its soothing sounds to be enjoyed at the seating area.


Name: Birds of a Feather Flock Together
Designed by: Tumelo Choma & Faith Mashaba

Garden 6Garden 6
Landscaped & constructed by: GAP Young Designer logo

Inspiration: The contemporary landscape design of this garden allows it to explore a natural dimension by drawing inspiration from the South African Masked Weaver bird (Ploceus velatus).

This is evident in the repetition of displaying vibrant shades of yellow and red colours in the garden features. The painted wall best displays the fusion of colours i.e. when these birds flock together. Like the Masked Weaver, that has different coloured eggs in their nests, the colourful garden is an inspiring colourful and emotive space. The spaces within the garden create a sense of different rooms.


Name: Meadow Meets Modern
Designed by: Wihann Felstead
Landscaped & Constructed by: Virtue Landscaping
Media partner: The Gardener/ Die Tuinier

Inspiration: This contemporary garden is designed by using a wide palette of ornamental grasses. The slightest breeze allows the swaying seed heads to create a feeling of calm and tranquillity.

Specifically selected perennials inter-planted among the grasses will add bursts of colour to the meadow & attract wildlife to the garden. The three retaining walls with different texture create seating spaces between

Garden 15Garden 15

the modern architecture & the meadow planting. This garden nestled in a meadow can serve as a vibrant entertainment area or a quiet space to read a book.






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