New Potato and Asparagus

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Hadeco Potato Pot Hadeco Potato Pot Gardeners who love growing and eating their own produce, are in for a particularly fine treat this winter. In June and July, renowned bulb growers, Hadeco, will be supplying nurseries around the country with sets of top quality asparagus crowns and certified clean seed potatoes.

Hadeco AsparagusHadeco AsparagusThose that have tried growing asparagus from seed will know, it takes at least 3 years before you can start harvesting. If you plant Hadeco’s asparagus crowns in July, you will be harvesting your first crop in spring. Plant the crowns 20-40cm apart and a few cm deep in well composted soil. Harvest shoots that are larger than 1-2cm in diameter. Leave the rest to grow into the leafy ferns to feed the crowns for next year’s harvest.

Historically, acquiring certified clean seed potatoes has been difficult – until now that is. Hadeco will be supplying all good garden centres with 2kg bags filled with seed potatoes. You will have a choice of 4 different varieties. “Hertha” and “Fianna” are ideal for making chips, while “Bp1” and “Mnandi” are perfect for boiling or roasting. For those with limited space, Hadeco now offer specialised pots, designed just for growing potatoes. 

To check out Hadeco’s whole range of products, as well as loads of tips and information, visit Hadeco’s website