June need not be a dreary month in your garden

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CamelliaCamelliaJune is an interesting gardening month and the shortest day and longest night is on June 21st, after which the days gradually start getting longer, but very slowly at first so that you hardly realise it. And in the warmer regions, after about three weeks, you will notice that many plants have already begun to grow again - spring in Durban starts in late July!  

If you live in the warmer subtropical regions of the country the temperatures are perfect for gardening now; so while the rest of us freeze, why not get stuck into your garden and implement all those changes you planned on doing this summer, but just never got around too.

In the cold interior the chilly nights and frosts will slow down plant growth dramatically making June a much quieter time for gardeners in these regions. The sap of plants will also slowly start to rise after June 21st, and for this reason many gardeners advocate delaying pruning until after this date, believing that their plants respond better afterwards.

In the winter rainfall regions the rains have arrived, but on the occasional sunny day there is no reason not to do some gardening.

If the weather is extremely cold in your region, or the soil very sodden, making gardening unpleasant; why not cuddle up with us this winter to plan your dream summer garden. Put on those winter woollies, grab a hot ‘cuppa’ and escape from the rat race for a while into the peaceful and fascinating world of plants.  Gardening in South Africa was designed with just this in mind - no flashing banners and irritating pop-ups to distract you all the time - just peaceful gardening bliss.

No matter if you are a beginner gardener or an experienced one, you are sure to find our plant info and articles fascinating and very helpful. Good planning is vital for your gardening success and selecting the correct plants for each situation will also save you a lot of time and money in the long run. Our plant section documents in detail over 900 plants, enabling you to make informed decisions on which plants are the most suitable for your region and particular situation. 

In fact, you may be inspired to go outside on the next beautiful winters day, and take the whole family to your favourite garden centre to see what is available at this time of the year, you will be surprised at the beautiful plants available in the middle of winter. For example, June is when the flamboyant early-flowering camellias come into bloom, and a great time to make your selection. All the little annual seedlings and bulbs will also be in full bloom, and the indoor selection of potted plants is sure to tempt you to take one or two home.

Gardening is known to relieve stress and just doing simple chores like weeding or watering are very therapeutic, so get out there and have some fun!

In our articles section we have in depth articles on gardening month by month in South Africa, which you are sure to find helpful, plus our vast plant library, so treat yourself this winter by becoming a member of gardening in South Africa. Our prices will surprise you, and your subscription helps us to bring you even more informative gardening articles, without all the distractions. Sign up as a member today and join our gardening tribe!