2019 Garden World Spring Festival - Garden 16

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'Food for Thought'


DESIGNED BY: Lizette Nieman

LANDSCAPED & CONSTRUCTED BY: Strylitzia Landscaping

Platinum Award

The Inspiration

This edible garden combines function and aesthetics to create purpose-driven spaces to relax and entertain in.

A “half” archway has been incorporated with grey poles along the boundary wall, softened with climbing roses and espaliered apples.

The grey is chosen for the calming effect it has on the vibrant lime-green pergola and tepees. It also creates a whole new sassy look for the garden.

The dark blue boundary wall enhances the foliage of the plants, as well as the colourful flowers in the garden. It also forms a lovely contrast to the highlighted lime-green pergola.



Hedges: Malanseuns Pleasure Plants

Annuals & Perennials: Nu-leaf Nursery

Veggies, Herbs & Other: Vrone

Roses: Ludwig’s Roses

Accessories: Garden Bleu

Flagstones & Edging: The Creative Stone Company

Fertilizer: Talborne Organics

Bark Mulch: Bark Unlimited.

Paint Colours Used:

Paint Master; Sheen; Spring Leaf

Paint Master: Sheen; Mysterious

Garden World is on Beyers Naudé Drive in Muldersdrift.

For information on the Spring Festival and booking for the talks, workshops and music contact Garden World on 011 957 2545 /011 956 3003 or 083 997 6142.

For more information on the festival visit www.gardenworld.co.za