Spider mites appear during dry times

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Picture courtesy EfektoPicture courtesy EfektoThere are many different species of mites, which attack our plants, but it is the common red spider mite and the two-spotted mite that are the most common. They lay their eggs on the underside of the leaves where it is relatively dry, and are so minute that most people don't see them. Signs of infestation are, a fine white spiders web on the plant, a silvery look to the top of the leaf, or a severe yellowing or bronze colour to the leaves; leaves dropping off and leaf curl. It is most important to spray as directed on the bottle to break their breeding cycle from eggs, larvae and then adults. You need to spray regularly to break this cycle. Red Spider Mite populations can explode during hot, dry weather. Try drenching the undersides of the leaves of your plants regularly in hot weather, to help prevent red spider. Formulations that contain oil can harm natural mite predators but Ludwig's Rose Spider Mite will have no adverse effect on natural predators.