Thrift, Sea Pink - Armeria maritime

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Armeria 'Ballerina' Lilac. Picture courtesy Ball StraathofArmeria 'Ballerina' Lilac. Picture courtesy Ball StraathofThrifts can be found growing in the wild on maritime cliffs and meadows, salt marshes and mountain rocks all over Britain and Northern Europe. It is an evergreen perennial plant that produces compact tufts of grass-like leaves. The long stems are topped with papery pink or white flowers from spring to autumn. The flowers last long in a vase. It is a good ground-cover or border plant, forming a slowly spreading carpet. It does well in water wise gardens designed as xeriscape, rock or pebble gardens.

This tough little plant grows well throughout the country and is frost and drought resistant. It is not suited to very humid regions but will tolerate salty winds at the coast and saline soils. It will grow in nutritionally poor soil and prefers light sandy soils that drain well. Thrifts will grow about 15 to 30cm tall and spread 30 to 40cm wide and love full sun. They cannot grow in the shade. If you remove the dead blooms, the plants will continue to flower into autumn.

If the plants are overcrowded, they can be divided once they have finished flowering.

(Armeria 'Ballerina') The Fleuroselect gold medal is a coveted award in the plant world, and for the first time it has been awarded to two Armeria varieties, A. pseudarmeria 'Ballerina Red' and A. pseudarmeria 'Ballerina White'. These are first year flowering perennials that produce striking, ball-shaped flower heads on short, strong stems (20cm). They flower in summer, and are heat and drought tolerant. They over-winter as rounded, dense cushions of growth. They can be used in mixed borders, as edgings and in containers. They grow to a height of + 20cm, and can spread +-15 cm, clump-shaped with mid green linear-shaped leaves.

Additional Info

  • Common Name: Thrift, Sea Pink
  • Latin Name: Armeria maritime