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Growing Vegetables in South Africa

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Submitted by on Wed, 04.03.2009 - 22:00

Dear Gardening Lover,

Do you want to grow delicious fresh vegetables but are not quite sure where to begin; or have you tried your hand at growing vegetables in the past and come unstuck?

“Growing Vegetables in South Africa” is written in a way that is easy to understand, yet complete with all the facts you need to know about growing vegetables; without getting too technical and boring.
If you think that vegetable patches are so ugly that they must be relegated to some corner of the backyard, think again! When you practice organic gardening together with companion planting; not only will your vegetable patch be productive, but also overflowing with flowering annuals and herbs growing between the rows. Your crops will also be healthier, more nutritious, and more resistant to pests and diseases. “Growing Vegetables in South Africa” includes many tips to get you started on your journey into companion planting and organic growing.

Are you concerned that the vegetables you buy for your family may be GMO’s (genetically modified organisms) or are fed with artificial fertilisers and sprayed with harmful chemical sprays? By sourcing organic seeds and growing your own vegetables, you will have peace of mind knowing that your family is eating 100% organically grown vegetables that are fresh and packed with vitamins and minerals. “Growing vegetables in South Africa” includes nutritional information and the health benefits of each vegetable.

Do you want to grow vegetables, but space is limited? A small vegetable patch can produce an amazing quantity of food and every garden, no matter how small, can produce a bounty of vegetables and herbs. Most vegetables grow easily in pots, so even a tiny balcony garden can produce your family's favourites.

“Growing Vegetables in South Africa” is written especially for South African gardeners and includes a sowing guide. All 100 pages of this e-book are jam-packed with good advice and lovely photographs; and the instructions are so easy to follow that even a child could understand. In fact, growing your own veggies can be so much fun that the whole family will want to get involved. Small children are especially fond of growing vegetables and this is sure to encourage them to eat them too!

Whether you want to grow vegetables in the conventional manner, or are keen to practice companion planting and organic methods, this e-book offers all the information you need to get you started; and includes recipes for many sprays that you can make at home. Not only are these methods lighter on your pocket, but they are definitely the healthier option and wont damage the environment either.

If you follow the growing instructions in my e-book you will soon be harvesting your very first crops and nothing is more rewarding than that first meal, using your own home grown produce.

I hope you will have as much fun reading my book as I had writing it.

A chapter by chapter preview:

Cool season, warm season and intermediate crops
Perennial vegetables
Root seed and leaf crops
Granular fertilisers
Liquid fertilisers
Foliar feeding
Crop fotation
Leaf & stem crops, root crops, fruiting & seed crops
Vegetable families
Heavy feeders, medium & light feeders
Preparing and planning your vegetable garden
Preparing the beds
Trenched beds
Raised beds
Organic growing
Growing vegetables from seed
Successive sowing
Growing vegetables in containers
Companion planting
Bait plants
Green manure
Natural sprays
Sowing guide

Vegetable Varieties:

Baby Marrow       
Broad Bean   
Brussels Sprouts 
Chilli Peppers       
Chinese Cabbages      
Egg Plant
Globe Artichoke
Green Bean
Jerusalem Artichoke
Soya Bean
Spring Onion
Sweet Bell Peppers
Swiss Chard

You can order and pay for my ebook either by Credit Card or EFT/Cash Deposit  within a few minutes  by following a couple of simple steps.

The cost of "Growing Vegetables in South Africa" e-book is a one-time payment of R139.00.

Credit card orders will be processed daily and confirmed by an administrator as soon as notification of payment is received. You will then receive an email with the link to download your e-book.

EFT/Cash Deposits may take a couple of days to reflect, but immediately payment is confirmed you will receive an email with the link to download your e-book.


Please note that this is an electronic book and is not available in hard cover.


My customer satisfaction guarantee:

If you are in any way unhappy with the e-book,
feel free to contact me and I will give you a no-quibble refund
(within 30 days of purchase).
You have everything to gain and nothing to lose.

                                                 Contact me if you need any further assistance

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Growing Vegetables in South Africa

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