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Gardening in South Africa

Designer Gardens at Garden World's Spring Festival

2016 Spring Festival at Garden World

‘Leap into Spring’

from July 29 to September 4

Kiddies Gardens at Garden World

Kiddies Gardens – Water Wise Winners FarmkidzFarmkidz

Maragon Ruimsig & Avianto

Garden World ‘Leap into Spring’ - EVENTS CALENDAR

Garden World Presents a Spring Festival ‘Leap into Spring’

A Garden Design Show Featuring the 2016 Award Winning
Kirstenbosch–SA Chelsea Exhibit from London
until Sunday 4 September 2016

Besides the magnificent AWARD winning CHELSEA EXHIBIT, there will be fantastic Designer Gardens, Garden Revamps, Schools Gardens depicting ‘Gardens through the Eyes of a Child’, also Educational Exhibits by the Walter Sisulu National Botanical Garden, North West University, Joburg City Parks and Zoo, Mogale City Local Municipality & Rand Water with their ‘Water Wise’ Campaign.

The Noble Bay

Bay LeafBay LeafBay Leaf, Sweet Bay (Laurus nobilis)

The Bay is an aromatic evergreen shrub or small tree native to the Mediterranean region and the Middle East. It has a noble history and features prominently in classical Greek, Roman, Chinese and Biblical culture. The Latin name is believed to derive from the Celtic word "laur" meaning green, and the Latin "nobilis" signifying noble. Bay was first an herb of poets, but also of oracles, warriors, statesmen and doctors. The leaves were made into wreaths for illustrious poets (“poet laureate”) and used to crown heroes. In Greece the tree is known as "Daphne" and one version of her story, shrouded in the ancient mists of mythology, tells how a nymph called Daphne pleaded with mother earth for help in avoiding Apollo’s amorous advances. Mother Earth obligated by changing her into a bay-laurel tree for protection. From that time forward the heartbroken Apollo wore a laurel wreath in remembrance of her, and Zeus, who saw her transformation, vowed to always wear a wreath of laurel and make the laurel part of all triumphal ceremonies in her memory. In the Bible, the sweet-bay is often used as an emblem of prosperity and fame, and in Christian tradition it is said to symbolize the resurrection of Christ and the triumph of humanity. Chinese folklore says that there is a great laurel tree on the moon, and the Chinese name for laurel literally translates to “moon-laurel.”

Easy rose pruning

'Summer Palace' Picture courtesy Malanseuns'Summer Palace' Picture courtesy MalanseunsThere is no need to be fearful of pruning your roses and there are no hard and fast rules. Always remember that you cannot prune wrong and it takes a lot to kill a plant. Although roses differ in growth habit the basic pruning routine is the same and is done mainly to encourage rejuvenation and to clean up the plant by removing old and diseased growth and shortening the bush. In nature an un-pruned rose will sort itself out, so all we are doing is encouraging nature and keeping it under control. Some gardeners prune severely, while others prefer to prune lightly and both methods are fine, with each method having its own pro's and con's. It is a good policy to alternate your pruning techniques occasionally; pruning severely one season and lightly the next season. Please remember not to prune your banksia and spring flowering heritage roses because they bloom in spring and early summer. These varieties are best trimmed in November.

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Growing Vegetables in South Africa

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